"Post Needs Approval" hang on, hang on, hang on, WHAT THE!?

Ok, this is a real wtf/wth kinda moment here!

I don’t understand: Why am I getting this message! I haven’t gotten this in the past! So why now? Is there some sort of glitch going on right now?

Why am I seeing this? What’s going on?

I am hella confused right now!

If it’s Err_connection_closed on one of two servers on ONE physical machine - #3 by ShadowWisp that you was replying to, it’s the name of the country - at least I’ve had it before when referencing that and the IP/domain blocks.

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Browse around the forum & read posts - there’s anti-bot measures that stop fresh accounts from posting.

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Oh, so I guess when I typed R u s s i a it must have blacklisted the post?

Ok, I thought it was some sort of glitch! That clears things up!

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