Post Error in My Codes For CloudFlare

Hello all i have a problem and i dont know how can i fix . i did active ddos and bot protect from cloudflare and while i connect to my site cloudflare checking browser before accessing and then when site is open then im taking this error message ;

And i checked index.php on line 111 there is writing this code. But i dont know how can i fix this problem . Please can you help me ? Code ;

if (isset($_SESSION['address_input_name'.$session_prefix]) && array_key_exists($_SESSION['address_input_name'.$session_prefix], $_POST)) {
    $_POST["address"] = textSanitize(trim($_POST[$_SESSION['address_input_name'.$session_prefix]]));
} else {
    if ($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == "POST") {
        if (isset($_SESSION['address_input_name'.$session_prefix])) {
            trigger_error("Post request, but invalid address input name.");
        } else {
            trigger_error("Post request, but session is invalid.");

It’s quite possible that the POST request is blocked by your Cloudflare settings. Have you taken a look at the Firewall tab for the Firewall Events Activity Log? I’d expect to see that request and the reason it was blocked.

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