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My site is

I recently enabled Cloudflare CDN on SiteGround
It is a Wordpress Package and i am using Elementor Theme Builder and plugin

After the CDN propogated, i noticed that on some of the mobile pages:

  1. Menu toggle “hamburger” button shows on some pages but not all (replaced with X in a box)
  2. For these same pages, the sub menu dropdown icons also do not show
  3. For these same pages, the footer social icons do not show
  4. I don’t have this problem with Home / About Us and a couple of other pages

Which is strange because the header menu and footer social icons are set templates, so i would imagine if it doesn’t show on one it doesn’t show on all?

Any thoughts / advice would be super helpful!

Thank you

What’s the domain?

Hi and thank you for the response.
Domain name:
Recap: the original problem was for mobile viewing of the site where icons were not showing (and instead Xs in a box)

However since then I “solved” my issue by

  1. Duplicating the pages in Elementor
  2. Unpublishing the culprit pages
  3. Replacing them with the duplicates

So that seems to have worked. (I read plenty of recommendations to add a few lines into my .htaccess file but none of those suggestions worked.)

Just for my own reference purposes, what would have been the likely original cause of this problem?

I am hopefully now awaiting an improvement in performance from enabling CDN once the 24-72 hrs propagating time passes.

My Lighthouse score for mobile is pretty bad (34/100)


Quite often, it’s Mixed Content, where the original content used an HTTP reference, but the current site is HTTPS, and browsers don’t permit HTTP files on an HTTPS page.

Yeah - i had already sorted out a mixed content issue a while back so i’m pretty sure it wasn’t that.

The puzzling thing is that the template footer across all pages has icons which were showing ok on some pages and not so for others. All icons derived from the same source. So it didn’t make sense to me that some pages it would show up and others didn’t.

Either way - i don’t have that problem now :slight_smile:

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