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I recently moved my DNS from GoDaddy to Cloudflare and also changed my Azure Website to use only Azure Storage Account Static hosting. (Previously I used an App Service site with an IP Address) Everything is working but my question is about the A Record that serves the root of my domain. It currently points to the old IP address, but I have page rules to redirect from the root to www.

Do I need the following records any more? If I do, what IP address should I be using?

Type Name Content
A * ###.###.###.254
A ###.###.###.254

If you have a page rule for the redirect, it really does not matter what IP address you specify there. It could be if you want :slight_smile:

Though one thing, you seem to have a wildcard configured (instead of “www”). That means you can never proxy that record / use the main features of Cloudflare - should that be of importance for you.

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Thanks @sandro! So I can safely remove the wildcard and then just point the IP for the root to a dummy address.

It doesn’t really matter to me whether it redirects one way or the other.


You still need an entry for “www”. Be that a dedicated entry or the wildcard.

Primary question, do you want to proxy or just use Cloudflare for DNS?

I think I need the proxy for Page Rules and HTTPS always redirection.

I do have a CNAME record for www.

True, the proxy is necessary for the page rule, however that is covered by the record for the naked domain. I was referring to the wildcard, however if you say you have a proxied CNAME that should work too.

Not sure what this means:

however that is covered by the record for the naked domain.

I removed the wildcard and am routing the root domain to 192…

The naked domain probably shouldnt go via 192, as you pointed it away from your server in that case. I guess your original setup was just fine.


So rather than the “naked domain” I should just have @?

I have never been very clear on how this is supposed to work.

Apologies, got it the wrong way round. Yes, the naked domain (@) can be 192 or any other address, as it just redirects. The www record however has to point to a proper address. As for the wildcard, that depends if you need it. If not, just remove it.

OK! Thanks for the clarification. One final question. Do I need an entry for both the @ and or does the @ suffice?

@ is a synonym, so you will have only of those anyway.

Thanks so much!!

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