Possibly false positive: “more threats than average”

I keep receiving emails from Cloudflare saying that my site is experiencing more threats than the average site month by month.

Now I wonder if this is accurate, or simply as a result of a strict firewall setting. I only allow traffic from a handful of countries, so all other countries get blocked. This is deliberate, but just because a lot of requests/visits get blocked doesn’t mean that my site experiences more threats than average.

Is this a false positive, or how can I check to see if it’s actual threats, and not just deliberately blocked requests?

Hi there,

Cloudflare uses automated systems to learn patterns of traffic and then classify them as threats. It is also possibly that these ‘threats’ are not threats at all.

In all please review your security warnings and see if you need additional Firewall rules or you can ignore them. Those insights are like general warnings.

It is really up to your discretion to review them and act if needed.

Thank you.