Possible to use Pro Plan for multiple domains? (idea)

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I know the Pro Plan is $20/month per domain. Which if you have one or two sites it’s affordable, but if you have a lot of sites it’s not very affordable.

I was wondering if it’s possible to use one wildcard domain through Cloudflare that has aliases for many other domains and routes all traffic/encryption/ caching through this Pro Plan domain as the CDN… That way you get some of the added features of the pro plan and don’t have to pay for it on a per-domain basis.

If that makes sense. Also is it possible to point domains to Cloudflare without changing nameserver DNS? I know many of the features require a nameserver change but just seeing if it’s possible to CNAME to Cloudflare and uses some features.


In the old days, there were discounts for multiple Pro plans, but no longer. You won’t be able to wildcard, alias, or CNAME any other domains through your Pro Plan account.

You need Cloudflare’s name servers to use Cloudflare. Though on Business and Enterprise plans, you can CNAME to your Cloudflare domain. But at that point, you’re already paying a bunch for that Cloudflare plan, so it’s not much of a money saver.

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@sdayman already summarised it.

One thing you could do, is to create a common parent domain (myroot.com, much like e.g. co.uk) and then create appropriate sub-domains from that domain (mydomain.myroot.com). Keep in mind, you wont be able to place www in front of them as the default universal certificate doesnt cover that. You’d need a $10/month certificate from Cloudflare for that.


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking of. Still, $10/month is better than $20 I guess… but more time involved.

It’s weird how Cloudflare is either super awesome and free OR pretty good and expensive.

Well, it is $10 for most of these domains then, not $10 each. It would be a wildcard certificate for the parent domain.

If you have a lot of sites/domains the Cloudflare sales/partner team would be happy to talk to you about bulk pro/business pricing.


I wonder if many people do this. Seems like an affordable solution.

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