Possible to segment controls when running multiple applications in the same domain?

We have a couple of applications that are hosted under the same domain but are distinct apps with different audiences, requirements, and support teams (think customer.domain.com and support.domain.com). These are not sub-domains currently but just distinguished at a hostname level.

With CF is it possible to run these under different “accounts” such that it would be possible to have a different set of configurations for each app? Would we need to convert them to subdomains (changing the names is a non-starter).

I’ve only played around with Cloudflare on the free and pro tiers so I’m not sure if this is more of an enterprise setting (which would likely be where we ended up were we to move to CF).

Yes, on the enterprise plan this is described internally as ‘subdomain signup’ ad would allow you to treat foo.example.com as a separate domain within Cloudflare.