Possible to restrict access to certain devices?


Using CF Tunnel to broker access to my home assistant web server.

I want to lock it down so that only approved device IDs can access it, in my case, just two phones

Is there a way to capture some kind of ID from the phones and form a rule based off those?


I would recommend looking at Cloudflare Access as it will make anyone trying to access the domain need to sign.


Thanks for that, wouldnt that mean they will nened a client and need to go and connect to the vpn first?

If you want to use warp then yes, but otherwise it will just be a web page that has a login.

I’m having trouble understanding how to get an Android phone with Warp to get access to Zero Trust apps that I have set up with tunnels. Currently I can access my apps/tunnels using the email one code in the cloudflareacces.com page. But I can’t find a tutorial on authentication with Warp. Actually, I’m not clear if that is an intended use case for Warp.