Possible to move domains on cloudflare to another host while still having cloudflare?

Ok, I noticed i can change ipv4 and ipv6 in Cloudflare if I need but if i want to add domain to new hosting then I have to change dns of domain to point to that particular hosting.

Can someone explain me whats the correct lossless (if theres such a thing, i mean so the website will stay on Cloudflare https during whole transfer to another host) process ?

I think it would be like that:

  1. change dns from Cloudflare to my new web hosting in domain registrar panel.
  2. wait 24h till the domains propagate
  3. add these domains to new hosting panel
  4. add them to Cloudflare

Is that right way to do it? if yes, then theres at least 24h waiting till the domains propagate and it will either work out as “offline” or as “http” instead of https am i right?

So, you have a Cloudflare-enabled domain, but you want to move it to another host?

If so, copy your files to the new server. Then change the IP addresses on Cloudflare DNS. Within five minutes, visitors will be directed to your new host.
It’s the “moving files to new server” that’s the tricky part…especially if it’s a dynamic website such as WordPress. You need to find a way to test the new host before changing your IP addresses. Post back if this is an issue.

nope thats not an issue, i can use hosts file for that.

they are indeed redirected to new host after 5 min but my domain is not added there. what I meant in thread is that I have to login to for example namecheap domain provider then:

  • change dns from Cloudflare to my new host
  • wait 1-24h for dns change so i can add the domain to new host
  • then change back to Cloudflare dns.

so i have to wait about 24h for propagating dns if I want to add domain in my new hosting panel and theres no other way is that right?

edit, oh wait, usually you dont have a requirement to propagate domain to a hosting if you want to add it to that hosting? because i rent two web hostings at the moment, and i cant add particular domain to one of them,because its not propagated (to any of them), but i can add it to other one.

It sounds like you’re talking about two separate domains, but I can’t tell if they have different circumstances.

Cloudlfare should act as your DNS for anything you want protected by Cloudflare. The DNS entries at Cloudflare should match the DNS entries where you host your site.

Have an old site you need to move? Copy that site to the new host, then update Cloudflare’s DNS to match the new host’s DNS. Keep using Cloudflare’s same name servers. This DNS operation is effective in 5 minutes.

Have a new site you want to add to Cloudflare? Set up the new site, then make sure Cloudflare’s DNS matches the new site’s DNS list from the host. Then change name servers to use Cloudflare. This DNS operation may take one to two days.

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im talking about one domain that i want to copy to new host. I think i confused you, but thats because I have one hosting that acts differently and I was confused as well.

Basically i wanted to know how do you guys deal with the web hosting requirement that you need to have domain dns pointing at that hosting dns if you want to just add it to that hosting.

but i now noticed thats not the case on the other hosting im using so thats not a problem for me anymore. was just confused by the first one and my assumption was that you need to do it everywhere, but seems its only that hosting.

Thanks for help @sdayman

Ok, that host is picky about what Name Server you’re using in order to add a domain.

You just have to play by their rules and not use Cloudflare when you make the change, which is disappointing. That’s especially challenging when you’re already hosting that site elsewhere and need a seamless transition.

Not to be flippant, but I’d look for another, less restrictive, host. That’s no way to welcome customers to switch to their hosting.

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