Possible to keep Route 53 and use Cloudflare for zone apex?

Currently using AWS Route 53 and wanting to proxy through Cloudflare for the apex domain, without redirecting to a subdomain like www. Domain also has MX, TXT, records and such.

Route 53 doesn’t support zone transfers, so secondary nameservers won’t work.

Without having to do any manual syncs via APIs, the only way I can see this working is if Cloudflare can provide IPs instead of only a CNAME (kind of how other CDNs do).

Is that something available for Business or Enterprise tiers?
How are others using Route 53 handling this?

The first question, do you want to use Cloudflare for DNS or not?

If you do, it should be pretty straightforward, as you sign up for any plan you like, then proxy the naked domain and make sure all other hostnames are not proxied and resolve straight to the origin. Of course this will mean you’ll have to manage DNS on Cloudflare.

If that is not an option, you could probably only go with a CNAME setup, but would need support from your current DNS provider, in order to set up a CNAME record on the naked domain, which typically is not possible, but some providers offer workarounds. In that case you simply pointed your naked domain to the hostname Cloudflare gave to you and everything else stays the same.

Otherwise you’d only have products like Bringing Your Own IPs to Cloudflare (BYOIP) but then we’d be already in an Enterprise context. If that is financially viable for you, it will be probably best to contact sales and discuss the options. In that case I am sure they’ll find a way to accomodate your use case.

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