Possible to enable Cloudflare Access on Cloudflare Pages myproj.pages.dev?

Is there any way to make it block access to: myproject.pages.dev?

(i.e. the production deployment that doesn’t have a custom domain)

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I’m considering a workaround of committing a blank index.html to a branch and setting that for the production deployment. But I’d prefer to have access to myproject.pages.dev to run speed tests, etc on a consistent domain.

Update: that works for pre-launch, but this is still a problem in production because this content is available at another URL.

Have you tried creating an access rule that blocks access to the pages.dev with an authentication policy?

Yes. Just make an access policy with the pages.dev :slight_smile:

Hi @WalshyMVP,
On that note, I am also interested in restricting access to the <customDomain.pages.dev>, but without blocking public traffic on the production site <customDomain.ca>
My current setup:

  • production site = <customDomain.ca>
  • CNAME record <customDomain.ca> points to <customDomain.pages.dev>

Wondering if there is a particular Policy rule that would allow traffic to the production/public site, but restric access to <customDomain.pages.dev>. Is that even possible?

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