Possible to do single redirects in Google Sites?


We have a site hosted as the New Google Sites, and we are using a Cloudflare domain.

Now we have one page that we need to redirect (there was a typo in the url; after we fixed the typo, unfortunately the old url is no longer valid, but people already received the old url in our previous emails). We want to redirect the old url to the corrected url.


  1. Due to Google sites requiring us setting up the “www” CNAME as DNS only to ghs googlehosted, when I set up single redirects, it does not seem to route through Cloudflare.

  2. I tried adding an “A” for our naked domain and pointing to as Proxied. This would make the old url at naked domain redirect successfully, but not the one with “www” - as it goes to google directly.

  3. And I am not allowed to add another “www” as it is already used by the CNAME record as DNS only.

Is there a way out, to redirect “www.oneheartinstitute.org/my_old_url” towards the corrected url?

Happy to provide more details if that helps!


As the www DNS record can’t be proxied, then no, this can’t be done on Cloudflare. You would need to do the redirect on your Google site since that is where the requests directly go.

Interesting. Can you share where/why they say to use DNS only?

Thank you - that is my understanding too after trying different paths, and that sounds unfortunate…
New Google sites no longer supports redirect.

I don’t think Google Sites explicitly said “DNS only”, but every article I read says we must do DNS only for Google Sites when we use a Cloudflare.

E.g. “NOTE for Cloudflare users: use the ‘DNS only’ option, not ‘proxied’”

I also tried changing DNS only to Proxied (don’t try), and it took my website down for 30 minutes (even though I immediately switched it back after seeing it down; Safari still could not resolve it for 30 minutes).

And the explanation I read says if we set Proxied, google would not be able to see the certificate (or the other way around?).

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