Possible to configure all of our partners' own domains or subdomains to point to a


I’m interested in knowing if it’s possible to configure all of our partners’ own domains or subdomains to point to a single Cloudflare account, using a CNAME record. The intent is for these domains and subdomains to inherit the SSL settings and security rules from this centralized Cloudflare account.

The idea is that all domains and subdomains, such as site.partner.com or partner.com, are configured with a CNAME record pointing to my server. The goal is for these sites to be online and secure, using the SSL and security settings already established in our Cloudflare account. Furthermore, it is important that the appointment is made via CNAME, so that my IP is not exposed.

Thank you in advance for your attention and I look forward to your response.

You have described this…

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