Possible to compute SHA256 hash of large request body?

Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to compute a SHA256 hash of a request body larger than the Workers memory limit of 128MB? My use-case is uploading files to S3 and computing their hash as they flow through the worker.

I see an example of computing such a hash here:


However, from what I can tell, the SubtleCrypto API requires the entire contents to be loaded in an ArrayBuffer in memory before computing a hash, so that approach unnecessarily loads the whole file in memory and thus limits the file size to less than the maximum worker memory of 128MB.

In Node I would do something like digest.update(chunk) and so could incrementally build the hash while the body streamed through rather than loading everything in memory up front.

Am I missing something obvious? Is there a workaround to compute hashes on streaming bodies in Workers?

Hi Jacob,

Have you considered using a third-party library like Forge? It seems like it would solve the issue, but I haven’t tried using it with Workers so can’t say how well it works.

var md = forge.md.sha256.create();
md.update('The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog');
// output: d7a8fbb307d7809469ca9abcb0082e4f8d5651e46d3cdb762d02d0bf37c9e592

Interesting. This is a limitation of SubtleCrypto (tracking bug).

I guess wasm is your best bet, but it will chew through your cpu runtime quickly. Seems like a big limitation of workers that it’s not possible with runtime primitives.


I visited this issue so many time @john.spurlock :sweat_smile: Still can’t grasp how it can be over 5yo now.

Looks like they just added crypto.DigestStream in the latest Workers Runtime update to solve this exact problem.

Thanks to the Workers team for addressing this!

  • crypto.DigestStream is a non-standard extension to the crypto API that supports generating a hash digest from streaming data. The DigestStream itself is a WritableStream that does not retain the data written into it; instead, it generates a digest hash automatically when the flow of data has ended. The same hash algorithms supported by crypto.subtle.digest() are supported by the crypto.DigestStream.

Nice, yeah crypto.DigestStream sounds like just the thing! No documentation for it yet that I can find, but looking forward to trying it out.

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