Possible to choose assigned nameservers temporarily?

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I am posting here as I can’t launch the chat support widget despite my domain name (internationalneurocomsg) already being in the Business plan.

Domain was added to Cloudflare on March 6. 28 days later, it got deleted. We readded it with no issues. Another 28 days passed (today) and it got deleted again.

I’ve only figured out why - the domain was in a pending state all along. And apparently, it worked just fine with only one of the assigned nameservers added. We made a typo for the “earl” nameserver.

With that background out of the way, would it be possible to change the assigned nameserver to betty and earl? This is the only way I can fix this (temporarily), since the client is on vacation and won’t be back until next week to fix the typo on the registrar.

Thank you.

PS - suggestion for the deletion process. Maybe don’t delete partially set up zones?

No, nameserver allocation is a security feature to ensure the domain can be made active on Cloudflare only by someone who is, or is authorised by, the domain owner.

This is policy for free plans to prevent abuse by adding a domain to lots of accounts (and to flush abandoned setups). Paid plans don’t delete after 28 days.

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Thanks sjr.

I am aware and I understand why you can only add the domain first on Cloudflare before changing the nameserver.

My question was more about whether or not chat support would be able to change the assigned nameserver just this once, as we have demonstrated in the past that we have control over the domain in the registrar by keying in the nameservers that were assigned to us, albeit with a typo for the second one.

There was an answer from a Cloudflare staff member a few weeks ago that this is absolutely not possible. It is a non-workaroundable security requirement.

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