Possible SSL conflict

I had created a website using a service (Host Gator) that apparently used Cloudflare as an SSL provider. I cancelled that service and had a designer create a Shopify store front. Right now the Shopify store gives me an SSL Pending alert. Shopify tells me there is a conflict created because Shopify also uses Cloudflare and the old SSL is conflicting with the new Shopify SSL request. I created a free Cloudflare account and pointed my DNS at it, waited 24 hours and then cancelled the service with the hopes of resolving the conflict but it has not. Need direction on how to resolve the conflict.

Did you disable the Cloudflare setting at HostGator before you cancelled your service?

no. I had never heard of Cloudflare. All that was handled when I setup the original site.

Can you still ask HostGator to shut it off? I keep hearing from Shopify customers that they get no help from Shopify. Since you’re not the Cloudflare customer, you’re really in a bind, but Shopify is a premium customer here and should be able to use their might here to get Cloudflare to fix it.

I reached out to host gator and they say because the service was cancelled and my account closed that all services were cancelled at that time. Absolutely no help. Only solution I’ve had offered so far is that register.com told me if i signed up for their ssl program that all other services would be disassociated with my URL and would correct the problem. Only about $60 / year. Totally clueless though if this will do anything.

You can give me $60 and get the same results.

Shopify needs to get their act together. People pay them for services they can’t render. If they (Shopify) choose to use Cloudflare, they need to learn how to get it to work.

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