Possible IP blockage?


i use cloudflare in the purely private area for my homepage and that of our association. I find it very practical to be able to define subdomains that point to my homelab.

But why I am contacting you today is possibly another problem. I have a PHP application running at my official provider, which monitors various websites. And this on a very simple level. It only checks if the 1st page (homepage) is reachable.

This has been working for years now. But since August 20th, 2020 my own homepage and the homepage of our club are marked OFFLINE in the application, although both pages are always online. All other pages are online.

The only thing both sides have in common is that I have connected cloudflare as DNS provider in between. But I can’t find anything where I can see that certain IP addresses are blocked.

How can I get to the bottom of the problem?

Thanks a lot

You can see block events in the Firewall log tab in the CF dashboard.

If possible, could you get the response from your provider (including headers and response body) and post it here?

The firewall activity log only says: No firewall events were found that match your filters.

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