Possible hack?


I just noticed strange Viagra ads hidden on my company website when I see it on the search engines (see screenshot).

Any help would be appreciated.

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There are certainly no mentions of Viagra on the few pages I looked at @steve87. As the is running WordPress, there is potential a plug-in may have allowed someone (or someone’s bot) to gain access and get up to no good. The exact source I can’t say.

I found this post from the Google Search Console Community Our website is linked to viagra pharma in Google search. How do I fix this? Not computer literate - Google Search Central Community that may help. One of the replies links to Fixing the cloaked keywords and links hack which does look appropriate in this instance.

This may also provide some useful information


Yup, this is a SEO malware that was installed on your website after:

  1. Using cracked plugins
  2. Using a vulnerable plugin.

There are many services that can clean and fix this problem for you, unfortunately, Cloudflare doesn’t and anything that occurs in your servers falls outside of what Cloudflare can cover.

The guide @anon9246926 provided is also a good start.


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