Possible Google Can't crawl my images


It seems none of my images are showing in my Google News top stories post. I have been reading this could be because Google simply cant crawl the images. So I turned my first possiblity to this maybe be because they are being blocked by a firewall. Instead of my featured images showing in Google news stop stories my site logo is being shown insead.

See here. Top post

I am perplexed by this. When my site first starting showing in Google News surfaces and top stories. the images were showing just fine. Some still show fine. But all my lastest posts are showing just the blue half logo. I did make some firewall changes a while back. However, don;t recalll blocking any additional. I actually backed off on some things in the bot and sec department and changing some settings from medium to low.

I am not using the standard image dir for wordpress. I have a custom one called /storage so I can hide the default wordpress paths. However it’s worked this way for a while, but just recently my images are doing this. I have also noticed in normal google images my featured images are showing my site logo instead. This would have to indicate a crawling problem as opposed to a news or OG issue. (as even my normal google images ) are doing this and showing the logo instead of the image

How can I tell of CF is blocking the crawling of my image locations. And would there be a rule I could create to combat this if this is so?

I have actually just tried to create a allow rule for " Known Bots" on my where my wordpress default dir has been changed to the word “Storage” in the case its being blocked for some reason. (havent tested if this will solve the issue yet)

Could anyone let me know if I have done this correct. I tried to read c/f docs on this

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