Possible conflict with glue records

I switched servers resuilting in new IPs. Now it looks like there’s a conflict with the nameservers. Some are resolving correctly, but others are still resolving to the old, even after a purge.

Is there a way to resolve this as it doesn’t appear CF allows access to glue records (the nameserver domain is hosted on CF).



Glue records? Are you on a Business plan with custom nameservers?

Whats the domain?

I’m not a business plan. The domain is phibble.com. I’ve set the ns1/ns2 using an A record.

Then glue records are not involved. What is the issue? Your nameservers seem to be correctly set.

The issue is that while the nameservers are being detected correctly, several locations (like Google and Cloudflare) are returning cached/old versions of the old IP, even after a purge, suggesting there’s a conflict somewhere.

Most probably some DNS propagation issue. Changing nameservers can take up to several days. Just wait and that should sort itself out automatically.

I hope so. It’s already been 4 days. Thanks for the help.

Four days should be typically enough. But what have you changed in the first place? It appears the domain hasnt been touched for almost a year, so no nameservers were changed either. Furthermore the registrar is Cloudflare, so you couldnt change the nameservers anyhow.

Can you precisely describe the exact issue you believe to have, along with screenshots?

I’ve changed the IP’s for ns1/2 to the new IP’s.

The exact issue is for whatever reason, CF’s parent nameservers are also returning the old IP’s for the nameservers, and using those to resolve the domains using those nameservers.

Oh you are talking about ns1.phibble.com and ns2.phibble.com?

That is not really related to your domain’s nameservers, these are regular A records. Both point to 158.106.134/24 addresses right now. Is that not correct? If it is, what is the issue?

I think that’s the problem. I no longer have real nameservers, it’s relying on the A record, which isn’t right. The IP’s you listed are the IP’s for what I’m guessing the cloudflare nameservers, and that’s causing the conflict.

I am not quite sure what you were just saying.

Can you post a screenshot of the entries for these two records on Cloudflare?

As for glue records, you dont need them unless you’d want to use these host names for your own domain, in which case you’d need a business plan. Just point your domains to these host names and you should be fine.

Hey Sandro, I really appreciate your help, but I think this is a glitch that has to be addressed by Cloudflare as it seems everything is set up correctly, yet it hasn’t updated right. .

Which glitch? Everything seems to be in order. Right now this is what it resolves to and I presume this is what you configured on Cloudflare.

nslookup ns1.phibble.com jim.ns.cloudflare.com
Server:  jim.ns.cloudflare.com

Name:    ns1.phibble.com

nslookup ns2.phibble.com jim.ns.cloudflare.com
Server:  jim.ns.cloudflare.com

Name:    ns2.phibble.com

Not having posted aforementioned screenshot it is difficult to confirm that.

Again, glue records do not play any part here. If you have configured anything anywhere else that is pretty irrelevant, as only Cloudflare is authoritative for your domain.

This does not make sense. Can you explain the ‘glitch’ in detail? What is the conflict?

Your authoritative nameservers (according to the public DNS) are

You are also running a name server on ns1.phibble.com and ns2.phibble.com, and they think that they are authoritative for your domain.

Both of these sets of nameservers cannot be authorative.

What have you configured, how are you testing it, what is the test result, and what is your expected test result?

Hang on a second! Do you believe these two records have any significance for your domain and setting them to some IP address changes where the nameservers of your domain is? That is not how it works.

These are just two random A records which you can use for whatever you like, the nameservers for your domain are the ones you were given by Cloudflare and which have been consistently assigned to your domain for more than a year.

Given that those two servers are running a DNS server, the op is trying to do something unusual.

My understanding was he wanted to use these records for nameservers of other domains, but that might not be the case. Unfortunately it somewhat seems the OP doesnt want to clarify this.

I’m not really trying to do anything unusual, but I’ve solved the problem by taking cloudflare out of the equation. Thanks for the help.