Possible cloudflare dns problem

I have a possible dns problem with cloudflare. In a newly bought vps from contabo.com while i was setting up the server, i ve noticed a strange traffic from the following ip
and domain

After many many hours looking for what it is, i decided to reinstall vps from scratch just to eliminate the possibility being hijacked.

After that i contacted with my provider (contabo.com) to ask their help. They respond that because
streamputlockermovies.online uses Cloudflare it is very difficult to investigate the issue which is rather strange as an answer.

Still today streamputlockermovies.online pointing to my server and creates unwanted traffic.
If anyone can help I m willing to publish my vps ip address and any other detail.


That often happens when others misconfigure their DNS. It’s possible that your VPS IP address was once assigned to that domain.

Your web server should be configured to only respond to requests for your own domain. It looks like your server already knows to not serve your content to these requests.

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thanks for your reply.

From what i understand, to problem is in my provider’s dns configuration, right?

Not really, could be another user’s DNS which was assigned that IP before you… The may have no way to solve that, apart from tracking down the last user of that IP, which they won’t doost likely.


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