Possible Better Routing: ASN577 Bell Canada


Hi there, my ISP is Bell Canada, AS577.

I understand that they peer with Cloudflare, however only in Chicago- is there a means that you can peer directly with Bell in Toronto?

This really makes using unfeasible, as there is an extra 10ms of transit time, issue applies to both Cloudflare and Cloudflare DNS.

Thanks, much appreciated!

Attached are requested tracerts, the only other third party DNS that resolves in Toronto is Google DNS, I’ve attached their tracerts as well. Everyone else ends up in Chicago, or goes Toronto > Chicago > Toronto.

It’s in one big .png file because I can’t seem to post links as a new user… :frowning:


Unfortunately I’m not sure if there is a better peering option currently: https://peeringdb.com/net/1550
But I will pass the info along to our network team.

Not Routed to the closest data centre (Bell Canada, AS577)