Possible: 2 accounts to have access to same domain?

I have a client who I want to get onto Cloudflare, but they want to retain control of DNS. Is is possible for two accounts to have edit permissions on a domain, or do I need them to register and play email tag?

Why don’t you try the members option? Isn’t it for these kind of permissions sharings?

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Yes, the members option is what you are looking for. @jmalko

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I only see the ability to add a member with ‘Administrator’ role - which would give their team access to all my domains. I do not see a spot to add or edit roles.

AFAIK, you would need to add the domain to their account / a new one you set up and add your account as an administrator to manage the domain. Someone else may correct me though…


Ah yes, that makes sense. Thanks!

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Easier: Have them register an account and grant you access, this has the benefit that if they ever move away they can simply remove your access and save you from needing to transfer the domain.

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