Portzilla trial is expired, alternatives?

Is there a free plan in the Portzilla app? I need just a single route, nothing more.
People here in the cloudflare forum think it’s a free app but after two weeks the trial is over!

Any alternative?

I did not realize Portzilla was a limited free trial.

@matteo at one time sent me a Workers script that did something similar, but I can’t locate it right now.

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Knew they had a paid option (as some others :wink:) but didn’t realise either they were cash-only.

It was too good to be true…

Another solution for me would be to turn off HTTPS on a specific page that does not support it, so i can maybe cloak the port inside an iframe, or something like that just to hide it. But i can’t even disable https rewrites for a single page! I need that Always use https switch turned on, and there are zero ways to turn it off on a specific page. (Can’t even do the contrary, since I don’t have enough page rules)

Portzilla solved it all, and it was even https. But trial is now over and yeah… this sucks. I won’t spend 5€/month for just a page

I did. Will post it again in a bit… it does either require less than 100k requests/day for the free Workers plan (with all the other limits…) or the 5$/month Workers plan.

Found it!

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