Port still showing at the end of my domain in the url

Hi all,

I’m trying to run a website destined for a port that differs the common defaults (80, 443); I’m under the assumption that making a tunnel for an ip and port address hides the port at the end of the domain in the final url.

After following documentation on zero-trusts tunnels and having a tunnel put online in “Healthy” working order, it seems it’s not the case; I have configured a domain, we’ll call it “mydomain.com” to “an.ip.v4.adress:8880” when I input “mydomain.com” it redirects to “mydomain.com:8880” instead of just sending me to “mydomain.com”.

Have I done something wrong or have browsers since been updated to show the port now in the final url? I’ve tried to research a bit more but haven’t found anyone express this issue, only videos of people doing what I’ve done and getting the result I’ve been looking for, but when I follow those videos I get the same result every time, the port still shows at the end of the domain.

I started my research on tunnels very recently, and I’m even somewhat new to virtual machines and name server stuff so I’m not sure really what information the community needs to solve this, just ask if you need any more information, I apologise in advance for the lack of knowledge here.

This sounds like it is your origin service redirecting to domain:8080.

Yeah it does seem that way, except I haven’t setup any redirect rules I’ll attach a screenshot below. I’ve only followed the cloudflare documentation on creating a tunnel. But you are right, that’s what it seems like, seems like a glorified way of setting up a redirect rule.

Surely I’ve done something wrong, I just don’t want the port to show at the end of the domain. :sweat_smile: