Port Redirection

Hi … New here.

I have an MC server running on port 25576 (can’t be changed @ my MC server provider).
I want to setup my domain that all traffic to “my domain name . com” will be redirected to {serverip}.{25576}


When you say you want to redirect it, do you mean you want players to be able to join the server using your domain instead of the IP and port?

If so then you want to add DNS records, not do a redirect:

True - but the default MC setup is ip:25565

I want:
any mydomain com:80 → mcserver:25565

I’m really not clear on what you want here, you want people to be able to input domain.com:80 into their Minecraft client, not ip:25565 or just domain.com? Port 80 is usually for websites, not Minecraft.

ok … will try again.

I want that on the MC client players will add “mydomain . com” on their client configuraiton.
by default, this will take them to port 80

on Cloudflare, I want to redirect any traffic coming to port 80 on “mydomain . com” to “mc server ip . 25567”

I don’t think it does default to 80, it defaults to 25565 I think. But anyway, you can set the port when you add the SRV record as described in the tutorial I linked to.

Thnx - managed.

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