Port 6667 IRCd Through Cloudflare Tunnel TCP: Why Can't Connect

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble trying to connect IRCd via Cloudflare Tunnel TCP on port 6667. I’m using the UnrealIRCd- operating system and have configured my setup correctly, as I recall.

My tunnel

Public hostname: irc.example.org
service: tcp://

However, when I try to access IRCd, I keep getting a timeout message. I’ve checked the Firewall and followed some common solutions I found online, but the problem is not solved.

The error message I received was

Connect retry #15 irc.gufril.eu.org (6667) (dns pool)
Unable to connect to server (Connection timed out)

I also have some log records regarding this issue.

My goal is to connect IRCd via Cloudflare Tunnel for certain purposes. Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions I can try?

Thank you for the help.

When using arbitrary TCP with tunnels, you need to have cloudflared install on the client as well.

Did you find a solution? I did everthing but i can’t connect