Port 5000 feed not working

I am the owner of indianawx.us. my website works great except for one issue that worked before I brought my site here. I have a police scanner feed that SHOULD run on port 5000. It was no issue on Free DNS (slow) but when the link is activated ( indianawx.us:5000 ) my multiple browsers will not go to the feed. The browers do not show an error but just stall when starting to load. I double checked the router and all is well for forwarding port 5000. It works at home when activating the link. The only way I have to check from the “outside” is my android S8 off the wifi. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. My acct was opened today and I am relatively new to this.

Cloudflare does not proxy Port 5000 connections:

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Thank you!

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