Port 2095 how to



I want to run my server on port 2095. Cloudflare support page says it should work but I’m not sure how to set it up. If I run it on port 80 cloudflare recolonizes it perfectly but on port 2095 I get nothing. Both ports are forwarded and I can access both remotely. Just can not run through cloudflare with 2095.

From cloudflare support…
For requests made via HTTP:



You say you get nothing when you access it through Cloudflare, what does that mean exactly? When you go to http://yoursite.com:2095 what happens? Do you get an error?


Ahhhh I was not putting:2095 after the page. With port 80 it didn’t need it. Works perfectly once I added :2095. Thank you!


Yeah it’s a little obscure but http defaults to port 80, ssl to port 443. So they’re sort of “silently” there. In general DNS doesn’t have port information associated with it (SRV records being an (unreliable) exception) so the only way to tell a browser to use a different port than the default is to explicitly specify it.