Porkbun Cloudflare powered? iCloud custom email issue

I have today purchased a domain via Porkbun and am trying to setup Custom email via icloud.

Apple thinks the domain is registered at Cloudflare and keeps redirecting me to login to Cloudflare.

Im stumped at what to do next?

I have noticed that in my Porkbun DNS management it does say Cloudflare powered at the top.

Anyway around this issue?

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Thanks for the quick reply.

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You’re welcome! :smile:

I have the same problem, can’t add a porkbun domain. Found a workaround yet?

Hey Erik,

I reached out to Porkbun support and supplied them with the URL from the Pop Up Cloudflare window that iCloud triggers.

It contains all the relevant info needed to pass the iCloud domain verification.

Worked a treat.

Just send them a message via your Porkbun account and Im sure theyll sort it quickly for you.

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I entered the DNS entries myself (by simply URL decoding the values from the Cloudflare link that is opened)

However, I still can’t proceed when adding the domain, it is still stuck at Step 3 “Finish setting up the domain” with the “Continue” button.

DNS entries are there, but I still get the Cloudflare redirect and can’t finalize the setup.

Pork bun support sent me an iCloud domain link to click to verify.

Not sure what they done at their end but it worked!

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So the problem is resolved?

Yes it’s resolved

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Here is the fix in detail if anybody needs it:

  1. In iCloud settings where you can finish the domain setup that opens the Cloudflare popup, copy the URL of that popup window.

  2. URL decode it (twice) and update your DNS with the 2 MX, 2 TXT and 1 CNAME records based on the URL parameter values

  3. Once you have done that copy the state parameter value from the decoded Cloudflare popup url

  4. Create the following URL with your state value

https ://gateway.icloud.com/maildomainws/v1/domain/domainConnectReply?state=

  1. Log in to iCloud and open the generated link to force domain setup to complete
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