PoPs in Pakistan re-routed

The three PoPs in Pakistan (KHI, LHE, ISB) have been ‘re-routed’ for months now according to the Cloudflare status page.

Pinging will show that the KHI PoP is online, but for DNS and WARP only.

Any CDN/cache content is served from the Singapore (SIN) PoP which can be very slow at times due to submarine cable damage causing high latency and packet loss for traffic to Eastern destinations like Singapore. Seems odd that SIN is chosen for CDN when there are other PoPs in the Middle East nearer to us and with lower latency.

This only applies to PTCL and ISPs that buy bandwidth from PTCL (AS17557).

Checking other ISPs that use Transworld (AS38193) seem to be fine. Using the cdn-cgi/trace method, many sites are served from ISB, which would be the nearest PoP to me. DNS and WARP are also served from ISB with TW based ISPs.

Is there any timeline on when the 3 PoPs will be back online for PTCL customers or should they be considered abandoned? A lot of local websites use Cloudflare for CDN so they end up loading very slowly and sometimes not at all during peak hours.

You can check https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/ to update the status of the PoP. However, we are sorry that we are unable to confirm any timeline for this.

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