Popped up ads after updating my website

I have faced an issue, for many times. Some of my website users begin experiencing some type of ads when they are logged in and click on buttons making a server request but it happens rarely. It happens mainly after updating my website files and reopening it again. My host provider is Heroku. Why does this happen? How to prevent it? Does preventing this needs a higher tier? If it’s not from your side, could you explain why i am facing this strange ads? Please help me as soon as possible.

here is a link for the website: https://www.card-tap.com/

My app name is cardtap

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like malware on your server. It’s possible that your website has been hacked, causing unwanted ads to appear. To resolve this issue, do the following:

  1. Secure your server and remove any malicious files. These will most likely be files you do not recognize.
  2. Change your passwords and tighten the security settings for your website and host provider (Heroku) (like only allow cf ips to reach your server, :search: on that).
  3. Scan to ensure your website files are free of any malware.

Let us know if the scans of your server uncover the malware that is causing this.

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Maybe a suggestion about turning on script monitoring as well, thats a useful tool cloudflare added.

Good response but overall.

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