POP3 with SSL/TLS Possible?

Let me know if this is correct.
I want to use POP3 with SSL to retrieve emails from my email server. From what I’ve been testing and reading this is not possible.

I can send and receive emails and I can connect with POP3 without SSL. I have strict SSL selected with a cert from CF installed on the server. I may just not be patient enough and I need to wait 24 hours.

Let me know if I’m missing something

Thanks for any help!

Cloudflare does not proxy mail protocols like POP3, SMTP or IMAP. Your POP3 server should be :grey: on your DNS dashboard.

POP3 with SSL is possible, but that’s a question for StackOverflow.

I get that, my problem is that I keep getting an “unable to establish SSL connection” with my domain. I’m using siteground so I don’t have control over everything. mail.domain.com port 110 works, domain.com port 995 doesn’t.

I believe it’s a cert issue, not sure how to get around it.

I got it working by just using the servers IP address instead of using CF DNS.

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