Poor ticket support, anyone else experience this?

I just want to download my invoices and change the main email address on my account.

They’ve stopped answering me on the ticket support. There’s no other way to do it through the panel.

Cloudflares support is really bad for a company this size. It’s a joke how bad it is.

Does anyone here know how to get a simple issue sorted out quickly?

See the attached image, this is all I can see in my billing section.

Hi @roarambition, sorry, I know the support team has been busy. I suspect the issue you’re seeing is related to ongoing maintenance on our billing system. Can you share the ticket number here?


Issues are fine but there’s no communication.

Your support is really bad.

Thank you for sharing that, I see the the ticket from Wednesday morning was escalated to the billing team Wednesday afternoon. I’ll follow up with the engineer to see if they have an update.