Poor Support

I’m a pro website plan customer and new to Cloudflare. I just want to run my site without any issues. But i have more issues and i raised support tickets
I’m getting very poor support.
Each support ticket taking more time to get a reply. My website is on live. Since more issues with the Cloudflare firewalls my business is down. When i complaining /raising support here. always not getting any helps. just getting a delayed useless replies.
I though Cloudflare is a best. but it lacks with poor customer support.

You mention issues with your site being down, but you have no history here so we have no idea the cause of these issues. Many issues are due to poor support for Cloudflare if you use a bad hosting provider (one that refuses to cooperate on supporting Cloudflare traffic), but since there are no past topics here we don’t know and can’t personally help you.

Cloudflare support gets a lot of issues every day, and while Pro support is prioritized, it sounds like you’re opening multiple tickets for the same issue which isn’t good for getting your issue fixed sooner.

If you would like, you could post your issues here and we could see what’s happening and if it’s something you can fix with Cloudflare configuration, or something fixable by contacting your own hosts’ support.


@asik.souqtime, I see your tickets, a few are duplicates, another few seem to be in process. Duplicate tickets really slow down the system so don’t be surprised if they’re merged along the way.

Generally, I’d suggest you take a look at the tutorials section, the articles are contained and focused on a specific task, Community Tutorials.

WRT page rules, this should be the first one you familiarize yourself with, Using page rules to perform redirects.


We are suffering a lot by Cloudflare timeout issue. This make hard to run our E-commerce site. And we have no idea to run a particular process on a separate sub domain. I had explain this numerous time on support ticket. they always replying the same automated reply. We are decided to leave Cloudflare. Here we have no support.

I guess the issue is not relevant any longer in this case.

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I’m asking solution in support ticket and community. But they always giving same reply and not understanding me. What can i do? My problem not getting solved in Cloudflare. I want to known how to run a paticular php process / event in a separate sub domain for 524 issue.?

You said you are leaving Cloudflare. So I’d assume the issue itself is not relevant anymore.

Why its not relevant.?? Due to poor support, we decided to move on. Did you known the cause of this issue.?

Thats my point. If you are not using Cloudflare any more, you dont need to fix anything. Right?

So, you are Welcoming us to leave Cloudflare right? Your Statement is like this => “If any problems, we don’t give any solutions. just leave from here”. I’m a Pro website customer here. This is very very unfair.

Welcoming you? I am not saying you should leave Cloudflare, that is what you said. You posted about your decision to leave Cloudflare, did you not? Logic would dictate you dont need anything fixed in that case.

So I take you you went back on your word and are actually not leaving Cloudflare, right?

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See. I’m just decided to leave. If my issues solved why i need to leave.?? Where is a solution.?

Never mind. I was just curious why you were pushing for a solution if you already decided to leave. Apparently that decision was not really a decision.

Why you merged my post with this.? Did you read my title of my new post.? If you read that title you may not think as decided to leave. If you have no solution why you replying here. Your replies has no values here.

There is no point in having fifteen different threads about the same subject. Keep it to one topic.

If you have no solution. Just keep silent.

You do realise you are on the community forum here? This is not a free support chat. If you need help, contact support. The place here is for discussions, and also for asking help. Your attitude is not exactly encouraging others, including myself, to help.

No worries, I am out of here. I am sure you will fix it eventually.

Your attitude is very bad. If a customer says decided to move on. you don’t see the cause of the decision. you just replied Rudely like as this => "since you decided you don’t need a help "

I known this is a community forum. There are many good peoples here to help. I’m not demanding a solution here. Just shared my experience with Cloudflare. On this what is a problem with you.? If you don’t want to help anyone, just keep silent and don’t waste our time with useless replies.

@asik.souqtime, if you would like to share your ticket number, i can investigate it. But, as mentioned, if you have moved from cf, there is probably not a lot we can tell you.

Cloonan. We are having a issue due to Cloudflare 100 seconds timeout condition. i got a reply from the support ticket no. 1727387 They are saying to create a subdomain and run the longtime running process by setting grey cloud to that subdomain. This solution i had understood. But I have no idea, how to run the particular php process / event on another sub domain and then transfer its response back to the main domain. ?