Poor streaming performance

I am evaluating the streaming service. I am supplying a live video stream and watching it via more than one video player. They all show the same problem, which is dropping of video quality and stalling.

How might I get to the bottom of this problem?

I tried following the guidelines in the various documentation with no effect.

I do not have problems streaming with a different provider.

Today I’m having the same problem. It’s crashing all the time above 360p. Works best only at 240p.

Are you experiencing poor performance with live streaming or on-demand streaming? Any additional info (such as video IDs) that you can share privately?

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Only with, Live streaming ID 9d7ae41816c3f8fd575513267813e099

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FWIW I had a similar issue to this streaming from OBS.

Switched from CPU encode to using the hardware (Intel QSV) encoder and Stream seemed much happier with things after that. I suspect something was amiss with the cpu encoded input stream. Gop was reporting strange numbers like 109.8 frames / 1.83 seconds despite being set to 180f/3s.

Swapped to QSV and got a solid 180 frames / 3 seconds - buffering drops went away once stream had been up for 60ish seconds.

Could be worth a try if you have that option available

Hello with OSB its ruuning ok, but when I try to broadcast live via Vmix it keeps crashing all the time. Do you know any configuration to use with VMIX?

Try these:
Destination - Custom RTMP Server
URL - rtmps://live.cloudflare.com:443/live/
Stream Key - insert your RTMPS key

Click the Cog Icon next to quality.

If you’re streaming 1280x720 use these settings;
Video Bitrate - Minimum 4800kbps
Encode Size - 1280 x 720
Audio Bitrate - 192

If you’re streaming 1920x1080 use these settings;
Video Bitrate - Minimum 8000kbps
Encode Size - 1920 x 1080
Audio Bitrate - 192

Source - Output 1 (Or whatever your output is)
Profile - Main
Level - 3.1 if 1280x720, or 4.1 if 1920x1080
Preset - veryfast
Aspect - Original

Format - AAC
Channels - Master

Keyframe Frequency - 3 seconds (you can also set this higher to 4s if needed)
Threads and buffer can be left set as they are (usually 4 & 20)

Thank you very much, the problem was solved.

Do you know how can i disable the live audience counter inside the Cloudflare player?

No worries, glad it helped.

From what I know you cant currently disable that in the CF embedded player, you’d need to use some other player (JWPlayer for example) as your frontend to get rid of that

Thanks for all.

Have found more success with XSplit Broadcaster than vMix for Cloudlare.

I am generating a NDI stream on a AMD machine which seems to struggle when streamed through vMix on another machine on same network. However, the same NDI stream when streamed through XSplit Broadcaster on the same machine at the same time as vMix flows through with no vision stutter and audio drops unlike vMix? The streaming machine is AMD. And yes, I have vMix Performance set to the GPU card and not the CPU on vMix. I have another machine on the same network which is Intel which is my general OA machine, but it can receive the NDI signal without fault through vMix on that machine unlike on the AMD machine. I can only conclude vMix struggles with NDI generated on AMD machines when received on another AMD machine?

Curious, has anyone come across this before?

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