Poor speed performance without www on my domain


I have the domain plagiocefalia.com

Cloudlflare performance for

  • plagiocefalia.com, 16.7 seconds
  • www.plagioceflia.com, 1.4 seconds

I have the Pro plan , with the following optimisation setting enabled:

  • Polish (lossy), WebP ticked on
  • Auto Minify - ticked on JavaScript, CSS, HTMK
  • Brotli
  • Early hints
  • APO for wordrpess (not cache by device type)
  • Enhanced http/2 prioritization

May I know what is wrong?

Thank you

Your domain’s canonical URL is WWW. There’s no reason to test without ‘www’, because there’s no site at that address. It redirects to www.


@sdayman thank you


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