Poor LCP - Wordpress Featured Image

On the Wordpress section of our site, the Featured Image is identified as the LCP element of every post. The poor speed is dragging down the Mobile score on Pagespeed insights.

We’ve got APO activated but can’t seem to improve. Image Engine (https://imageengine.io/) indicates that it could improve LCP and Page Load times by over one second (e.g. Ultimate Patio Umbrellas Buying Guide - Best Tips for 2021)

Any ideas on how to configure Cloudflare’s basic settings (not premium services) to deliver the pages and images faster?

Every site’s performance issues are different, try to run PageSpeed Insights and see the recommendations.
Things to try in no particular order:


The issue seems to be that Cloudflare is not delivering the most appropriate responsive image size from the SRCSET for mobile.

For example, at mobile width 360 it delivers an image 702 width rescaled, at 375 it uses one 768 width and at 500 it uses one 1024 width. I created custom sizes at 400, 500 and 650 and regenerated thumbs in Imagify and purged Cloudflare cache. The new image sizes appear in the SRCSET, but they aren’t utilized at corresponding screen sizes. It’s not until you set the screen width to 200 do you get the 400 image resized.

Basically, the responsive image logic is screwed up such that an image that is too large is utilized at every screen size. It needs to shift a few steps at every screen size

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