Poor GTMetrix score after buying Optimized Delivery


My wordpress website https://projectlighting.nz is running Ubuntu 20.xx and Apache2 with gzip compression and was receiving a 70% performance benchmark on GT Metrix yesterday, so I decided to buy the Optimized delivery package in the hope that my site would enjoy better performance for our users and page speed ranking tests. Instead my website went backwards and now only achieves a 9% performace grade. There have been no changes to our server configuration or website in the last 24 hours since purchasing the cloudflare optomized delivery package.

I’ve check my server and memory usage is 36%

System load is 0.32.

Data storage usage is 57.3%

Any recomendations would be appreciated.

Thanks to all.

I dont know any “optimized delivery package” can you specify what exactly you have bought, please?

Please also provide us with:

  1. GTmetrix test before
  2. GTmetrix test after

Also there is 5.8MB content to load. Cloudflare compresses this down to about 2.8, but ofc with such a load of data no website will ne fast.


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