Poor Cloudflare support

After nearly a month of waiting, and despite my ticket being escalated to the “Trust and Safety Team” which added another 15 days to the wait (almost 50 already), my issue remains unresolved. I’ve received absolutely no contact from the Cloudflare team, despite repeated promises of swift escalation and communication.

The problem at hand originated from Cloudflare’s sudden decision to block parts of my website, supposedly due to the detection of phishing malicious code. What makes matters worse is the complete lack of prior warning or opportunity to address the alleged issue. Even though I acted promptly to check the problem as soon as I became aware of it and open a ticket to review, Cloudflare’s subsequent response has been disappointingly passive.

This prolonged delay has had real-world consequences, with frustrated customers contacting us daily, unable to access the site due to Cloudflare’s block and adding alarming modal warning about potential card details theft for phishing. This situation is deeply frustrating, especially considering our investment in Cloudflare’s Pro Plan.

As I navigate through this frustrating experience, I sincerely hope that no one else encounters a similar situation. The lack of communication and prolonged resolution process with Cloudflare has been immensely challenging, and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. It’s my fervent wish that Cloudflare addresses these issues promptly and efficiently for the benefit of all their users, ensuring a smoother experience for everyone in the future.

Hi there,

We understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience caused. Your request has been escalated to our Trust and Safety Team as part of our process. They are currently reviewing it and will reach out to you as soon as possible to address your concerns.

Sorry again for the delay in getting back to you.

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