Polocies not taking effect, no stats

HI All,

I am setting up Cloudflare Zero trust to access some apps in my homelab, I got the tunnel up, added my apps and everything is working

I implemented two policies as a test

  • User email login
  • Country block for all counties except AU

These two enabled quickly and were working however I don’t want them anymore, so i removed them however they are still taking place, Is there a delay in when you remove them to when they actually take place ??? Implementing them, the effect was quick, removing them I’m not sure what’s going on

also, been tinkering all day on this and all of the status are empty in all stat / log pages, is this normal?

thanks in advance


If you have an Access application without any rule, it will deny all accesses. The login methods are still displayed even if denying everything. To remove them, the Authentifaction tab of the Access application needs to be changed along.

If you want to have an open public access, you need to delete the Access application.