Polish's WebP compressor does not maintain image rotation

I found an issue with Polish’s WebP implementation. It does not honor an image’s “orientation” meta data when recompressing.


  1. The jpg converted to webp by cloudflare’s Polish. The image is sideways as originally taken on the phone. The orientation value of 6 (Rotated 90° CCW) was not taken into consideration when compressing.

  2. The original jpg compressed by Polish but not converted to webp. The orientation value of 6 (Rotated 90° CCW) is maintained when optimizing/re-rendering.

Of course a good web designer will export the image re-rendered with proper rotation and no meta data. But clients have access to a CMS and will usually not be so savvy when uploading.


Good one! Interestingly enough, I can’t find this reported earlier, no existing jira…but we have one now, will update here as I see progress!

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