Polish working intermittently


If I flush the CF cache, images start to cache across my site pretty quickly and everything works great.
However, after a while they stop caching and start showing as external.

Any idea what this fix is for this? I expect some cache setting but I’m not sure as the expiry for some images is in the past (as in the image above).

Images such as the banners have no expiry but are showing as external:

For an example, the internal banner ads in /bn_img/* have the following page rule set up:


Polish: Lossless, Browser Cache TTL: an hour, Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: an hour

Thanks in advance!

Your best bet is to contact the developer of that browser plugin. His email address is listed in the Chrome web store.

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OK, so you reckon this is an error with the plugin and not a cache configuration issue?

It’s clearly misidentifying images as external. When I want to see what’s really going on, I use the Network tab of my browser’s Dev Tools and inspect the headers myself.

p.s. You mentioned an Expiry in the past, but the only date I see is in 2021.

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I’ll do a more thorough inspection when the images start showing as external again.
Flushed the caches not long ago.

Will let you know

Does the rule apply only to images, as implied by the /bn_img/* path? If so, you could set a much higher Edge Cache TTL, and flush them as needed.

Also, Cache Everything will not affect Cloudflare’s caching for images, which is done by default. This directive only affects HTML content.

Instead, you could perhaps benefit (for the above path) from Cache Level: Ignore Query Strings. If the query strings appended to the JPG files are random values added for some kind of control that do not change the image being requested, this setting might greatly improve the caching level for these images.


Fantastic, thank you :slight_smile:

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So I shouldn’t need to add rules for image folders individually, they should just work?

As far as caching by Cloudflare goes, yes.

And as far as Polish, also. If you have Polish set on your Dashboard > Speed app, it should work in the whole domain.

Page rules are meant to create exceptions to default behaviors.


However, you should not apply the Cache Level: Ignore Query Strings to the whole domain without first doing some careful investigation, but instead use page rules, because this setting applies to all static files, not only images. There are normally other static files who may have differences set by query strings, like,
example.com/style.css?ver=1.0 vs

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