Polish with Webp pagerule

I would like to enable Polish feature with lossy compression and webp to certain pages but not all.

I could try enabling Polish in “Speed” tab globally and check the webp box on that then make page rules to all pages where I want it disabled but that seems pretty cumbersome. Would it work though?

Any alternatives?

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I do not think Polish pays attention to HTML and page URLs. It looks like it is on an image-by-image basis and will compress that file as it sits in the cache, and create a WebP version with the same filename for those browsers that can handle it, but just send a WebP filetype along with it.

I mean as example I would like to set page rule to url: domain.com/images/* with Cache Everything and Polish turned on. The problem is that there is no option to turn on WebP for Polish in page rules which makes this so frustrating.

It looks like this will work if you specify the directory/* for the images you don’t want optimized.

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