Polish/Webp Not Working? Still see PNG/JPGs

Website www.icklebubba.com

Upgraded to Pro, enabled Polish, cleared the cache, but all images are still showing as PNG/JPG in source.

Or are they webp but Cloudflare mask its URL and filename? If so, how do we test its Webp?

Or does it take a while for Cloudflare to create and serve them? Cloudflare stats wait a few minutes, but I have waited about 10 now.


Its OK I think its working on some images, not all. Will give it a bit of time to check all images.

This tells me it wont change URL or filename, but to look at the headers https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000607372-Using-Polish-to-compress-images-on-Cloudflare.

Some images do not have the headers, some do. OPening one image in the browser with a PNG suffix, when saving it, does prompt a webp suffix.

So looks like its working on some but not all images at this moment.

Google Page Speed insights still marking me down for some images.

Two things to consider here:

  1. only images served through your domain (and more specifically :orange: records in the DNS dashboard) will get the treatment. I see a ton of scontent.cdninstagram.com, which won’t get the Polish treatment.
  2. on the images on your domain all will pass through Polish, but only the images for which the conversion improves things will get changed. You will see headers on all of them, though, explaining what was the decision of the Polish optimization.
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