Polish > WebP / Not serving WebP or returning Polish headers

I’m trying to get the Polish > WebP functionality working on a Pro account domain. I have it enabled with the Lossy option.

But it’s not returning WebP or returning headers that indicate that Polish is being applied. I’ve flushed the entire cache. And this is obviously with the orange cloud enabled (ie. not development mode).

The relevant response headers mentioned in the support article all seem to be in order:
cache-status: HIT
vary: Accept-Encoding
content-type: image/jpeg
cache-control: public, max-age=31536000

But I’m not getting the “cf-bgj” or “cf-polished” headers returned, as this support page indicates it should.

From tests with other encoders on these specific image files, it’s clear that WebP will result in smaller files (one of the prerequisites). And this is a sitewide issue.

Any suggestions on where else the problem might lie?

With the limited information you posted, it could be that your settings are actually controlled by a different Cloudflare account.

Sorry, but I don’t follow. It’s all under my account and on the same domain.

OK, after more searching I think I now understand what you mean.

In an earlier thread, it was pointed out that Kinsta’s integration might take over some control of the account settings even though I can’t see that through my existing account.

That might be what is happening here. I’m a long-time Cloudflare user, but the Kinsta integration is new, and I’m still learning how it affects things. I’ll reach out to their support.

Thanks for your help.

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Just to follow up in case anyone else has this issue, for me it was a DNS configuration issue.

Prior to the integration, I’d been using an A record pointing to an IP address. While that still worked for serving the site, it meant that features like Polish weren’t working. Since the integration, it should be setup using a CNAME pointing to a subdomain instead (Kinsta support can provide the correct one for your account).

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