Polish Webp No comments in header

On catholic-link.org, on a Siteground Cloud Server and running Wordpress engine, I have Cloudflare Polish activated with Lossless compression and Webp Image conversion. I’ve cleared the cache, etc and Google PageSpeed is still telling me to serve images in nextgen formats. None of the images are being delivered in webp format, and there is no evidence of Polish working in the headers. I had Smush activated at one time, but have since deactivated since it did not have enough bandwidth per month to handle the site traffic.

Any suggestions to get the Webp conversion to work through Cloudflare?

Thanks in advance!


I see the Polish header on all images on your domain, except when they are not yet cached. (This is expected, as Polished images will only be delivered from cache)

Now, PSI may be complaining about images not on your domain, such as some images from, hmm, Google itself. Cloudflare does not optimize images that are not coming from your domain.

Yeah. Polish seems to be working, but I’m still having issues getting images that are clearly from my url converted to webp. They’re pngs, so I know they aren’t compressed smaller than webp. Any ideas on what could be going on?

Polish only works with images from cache. When an uncached image is pulled out of the origin, it is served as it is to the visitor, to avoid adding time to convert the image, while the conversion is done in the background with the image copy that is saved to cache. Subsequent visitors will get the Polish-ed images.

Try running two or three repeat tests on PSI and you’ll probably stop seeing this warning re: next-gen images.

The cf-cache-status confirms that the image has been cached and Polish can be applied.

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