Polish seems active, but not active, confused

After spending hours in this community reading, I cannot find any topic that is like mine.

I have image polish activated with lossy, in a paid plan.
The response headers for my images say: cf-bgj: h2pri and cf-cache-status: hit, vary: Accept-Encoding. But there is no other information like cf-polished or imgq:80 etc. I also don’t see any error statuses.

As I understand cf-bgj is a polish status, but I cannot explain why the polish option is not working.
For example: KJB - cloudfare polish test

Please help, what do I miss? Thx

I presume kajabi-cdn.com is not your domain, right? In that case none of your settings will apply to the URL in your screenshot, but this is entirely controlled by your host.

You will need to change your image URLs and make sure they go through your domain.

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Thank you, that’s not my domain, and it is not possible to change the image urls.
But I thought this url problem was only with Image resize. Since the images are cached and cf-bgj was working.

In that case I am afraid Polish can’t do anything, because it will only work for requests which are going through your account, which is not the case here as the images are loaded from a third party.

This is actually not image related, but essentially every feature on Cloudflare has that requirement. Any firewall or caching settings won’t apply here either.

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