Polish not working on proxied s3 images

I am trying to get polish working and it does for a large chunk of images but for others its simply not trying at all. We have dns set to proxy to an aws bucket which I saw a lot of people have issues with but that doesn’t appear to be our issue. We have some images that I have a Cf-Polished header on but then others (the most important ones for us to reduce the size of) have no Cf-Polished header but do have Cf-cache-status etc so I know its going through cloudflare as I expect. I’m not positive what to really attempt to troubleshoot next?

A request NOT working as expected

Both of these images are stored in aws however they are in two separate prefixes, in the same bucket. Maybe that matters but hard for me to say.

A request working as expected

To follow up here. You can NOT set a expiration in S3 and have cloudflare process the image. It seems to cache it fine but won’t actually do any processing it seems? After removing the expiration metadata in s3 it processes the image and displays teh cf-Polish header with a proper status.

Those response headers look to be missing a bit of information, such as content-type. Is the origin sending that header?