Polish not working on my site

I've paid for Cloudflare for quite a while solely for the Polish feature, though only now have checked to see if it's working [on my website](https://jessieonajourney.com) because my host told me that my images - which I always resize - are causing issues.

When I checked the headers of a number of images to test, I don't see the Polish header showing on a single one of them.

I don't believe Polish is working on my site at all. Is anyone else able to check and give guidance on why this might be?

Thank you!


Polish is working.

curl -sI  https://jessieonajourney.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/best-time-to-visit-mongolia-featured.jpg | grep 'cf-polished'


cf-polished: degrade=85, origSize=185478

Make sure you test by visiting the same page a couple of times, as Polish is only applied to cached images, not when it’s first requested from the origin.

Ah, I see. I didn’t realize that. Is Polish the same as a typical image compression tool, like Imagify or ShortPixel? I was under the impression it was, but maybe I’m mistaken.

Polish is a compression tool that is applied at the edge, but it wouldn’t be efficient to compress “on the fly”. The end goal is to reduce the time it takes the image to render in the visitor’s device (as well as save bandwidth), and applying the compression on the fly could cause a delay probably bigger than the time it saved with the compression. So when the image is first fetched from the origin, a copy is compressed and stored in cache to be served in subsequent requests, while the un un-altered version is passed along to the initial visitor.

Thank you!

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